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.::Did You Know::.


We often find customers come in, and are under a misconception...
Let us clear things up, and help provide useful, first hand experience!
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Your Expensive Surge Protector Is NOT Adequate Protection
  • It's a fact! Your $200 dollar surge protector will let the two most common power faults hit your devices with their full force, causing catastrophic damage in a majority of cases!

    The two most common power faults are "White-Outs" and "Brown-Outs". These two power faults will force your devices to make up the difference, or worse.. try and do without!

    The cost effective solution is a battery backup unit. These put a powered circuit between you and the wall, allowing the backup unit to make up the difference in an outage. You also gain the advantage of having backup power, when your main power goes out.
You Can Prevent A Majority Of Hardware Failure
  • Most of the time hardware fails, it is from being run too hot. We see time and time again, customers bring their system in because it is running slow, only to find out hardware is damaged and in need of replacement. It doesn't need to be this way, and is preventable!

    Once a week, put your hand at the back of your PC Tower, or at the grate section you feel air coming out, from your laptop. If this is warm to the hand, your system is running hot!

    Heat makes everything draw more power! Hardware Is Not Built For Large Fluctuations
    This means the cooler it runs, the longer it will last!
Your PC Can Be Whisper Quiet
  • You can liquid cool your CPU for under $100 Dollars!
    Liquid cooling your PC will increase it's performance, and it's lifespan, dramatically

    .::Great Features Of A Custom Liquid Cooling Setup::.
    - Multi-Block Technology -
    - Active Cooling Loops -
    - Multi Radiators -
    - Looks Great!-

    You can start liquid cooling your PC for $99.99!
Extend The Life Of Your PC, It's Easy!
  • There are many ways you can extend the life of your PC while you own it!

    - A Well Vented PC Case -
    - Liquid Cooling Your PC -
    - Environmental Control -
    - Fan/Pump Controllers -
    - Custom Case Modding -

    The key is to run cool, and on stable power!